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More Than a Phone is our program that donates smart phones and data service to survivors of Domestic Violence. Our goal is to help those in need stay connected; as most of us know our wireless devices are nearly a necessity. When faced with a traumatic life event, the reassurance of being connected can help reduce some stress. Our program was started in Central Indiana in mid 2017 with the help of our local agencies. Their feedback helped us to create a program we launched nationally beginning in October 2018.

Want to get involved ?

We want to make sure this program can continue in each community we touch year after year, so Donating to support our mission is very helpful. We are also looking for Community Partners in our current communities. Community Partners are other businesses or individuals who want to help guarantee that the program stays in their community. We will have more information on this program soon. If you are interested you can Contact Us and we can tell you more!

Donate Your Phone, It's a simple way to help the program. You can donate your phone at any local TCC store. To find the location near you check: TCC locations

Or, join our fundraising efforts by attending an our Annual More Than a Tailgate


Listed below are our non-profit partners (click on the image to be directed to their website):