TCC Gives


1. You must be in a community where a TCC store is located. To determine your eligibility, please click here to search for a TCC store in your area.
2. You will need to find an employee sponsor. Please visit the store in person and speak to the store manager, who can work with the store employees to find your best sponsor.
TCC Gives awards grants quarterly during the following months: February, May, August and November. Grants are due the first Friday of each cycle month.
Yes, but we would highly recommend you work with the director of TCC Gives and your employee sponsor to make some revisions to your grant before re-applying.
TCC Gives will not fund salary positions. TCC Gives will not sponsor events. TCC Gives will not fund political activity. TCC Gives funds projects related to people, children, animals and the environment.
We do this to encourage more relationships in our communities. TCC is always interested in helping area non-profits and getting involved in volunteer opportunities when available.
The grant committee is most interested in supporting our employees' and our customers' passions. The more involved the organization and the local store employees are the more favorable the grant is looked at. Also, if a TCC customer is passionate and involved with a particular non-profit, and they have expressed this interest to a TCC employee. The more engagement opportunities that have happened or have the potential to happen the better. Also, the committee likes to see a large impact with the donation request. Projects that budget $10,000 or less are looked upon more favorably.
Please contact for more information and put “More Than A Phone” in the subject line. Julie will connect you with the necessary people in your community.
Thank you for your interest in supporting our efforts and those efforts made by the local non-profit partner! You can contact, and she will work on the partnership. You can also let your local TCC location know you are interested. Please meet with the store manager.